Our Story

Pioneer Acquisitions is a real estate investment firm focusing on cyclical opportunities.  Founded in 2008 by veteran real estate professionals James Peterson and Jayson Lemberg, Pioneer was able to capitalize on the last crisis in the real estate markets to build a substantial portfolio of multifamily, office and retail properties.  With further significant shifts in real estate investing fundamentals developing, Pioneer is well positioned to create wealth for those who recognize the value of managed real estate investments.


During the last business cycle, Pioneer assembled a sizable portfolio by building a reputation of integrity and straightforwardness. After modernizing dozens of buildings and thousands of apartment homes, the vast majority of Pioneer’s assets were refinanced, providing a significant or full return of equity while allowing investors to receive distributions from operating cash flow indefinitely.



L. Jayson Lemberg

L. Jayson Lemberg co-founded Pioneer Acquisitions in early 2009 and has helped drive the company’s growth to new heights. Previously, Jayson was a Vice President and Head of Deal Origination for Thor Equities, a global real estate investment and development firm.


James B. Peterson, JR.

James Peterson is a co-founder of Pioneer Acquisitions, a real estate management and investment firm located in Rye, NY. In his capacity as principal, James has sourced, acquired and redeveloped dozens of multifamily and mixed-use properties, primarily in the Midwest.


Ian Lindsay

As a Partner at Pioneer, Ian Lindsay is responsible for business development, capital formation and investor relations, in addition to serving as a member of the firm’s executive committee.

Ian held a similar role at Model Equity, a real estate investor firm focused primarily on multi-family investments in Texas, where he still serves as advisor to the CEO.


John Peterson

As a licensed Managing Broker with over a decade of experience in the multi-family and commercial real estate sector, John Peterson brings expertise in urban and metropolitan markets.

In his prior role as Chief Development Officer at the Chicago-based proptech startup, Brixbid, John oversaw daily operations, identified new markets for expansion and effectively managed a team of real estate brokers nationwide.